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Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Rmily Russell Rmily Russell
Great Drive and Pass
I would recommend Neil 100 times over, could not have wished for a better instructor. From the moment you first get in the car he puts you at ease and is constantly encouraging you. Always had such a laugh on lessons with him and no question is stupid (I should know, I asked some stupid ones). Thanks for everything Neil, wouldn’t have got the courage to take my test never mind pass if it wasn’t for you!

Charlie StreetCharlie Street
Great Pass
Couldn’t recommend anyone better thanks for everything bro

Alfie CowanAlfie Cowan
Brilliant First Time Pass
I would 110% recommend Neil to anyone who wanted to start driving. He is such a friendly and nice person who’s always up for a laugh! Making you feel so comfortable and well relaxed. Neil will also allow you to progress at your own pace but will always encourage you to learn and improve every lesson. The handouts are amazing, full with so much detail about all aspects of driving to help understanding outside of lessons also. He communicates well and is always on-time. He’s the best!!! Will greatly be missed, thank you so much for everything mate, see you on the roads!

Alex PriceAlex Price
Lovely Drive and Pass
Neil is the best driving instructor! All my lessons have been fun and enjoyable and I would highly recommend him without a doubt.

Jamie KendrickJamie Kendrick
Passed 1st Time
Can't recommend enough passed first time with Neil, Great to get on with and have a laugh. I had three hour block lessons and felt really relaxed whilst in the car with Neil a great instructor again can't recommend enough.

Lucy BrownbillLucy Brownbill
Super 1st Time Pass
Neil is a brilliant instructor I have had several instructors and he is the first person to make me feel comfortable and confident enough to go for my test. He has helped me so much and made release I need to trust in myself. Thanks so much neil

Selena BrownSelena Brown
Great Pass
As a learner who is a little older than most, I needed an instructor who put me at ease and understood how learning to drive was such a big experience for me. Neil is patient, kind and above all makes you 100% comfortable. Learning at a pace and style that suited me. And no matter what happened - always made me laugh. Thank you. For everything.

Molly CowanMolly Cowan
Superb 1st Time Pass
I would 100% recommend Neil to anyone wanting to learn to drive. He has the patience of a saint and has made learning enjoyable. He makes sure you feel confident in each skill before moving on and the workbook helps with this too. Reflecting on each lesson and building on the strengths and weaknesses from the lesson has been a great way of learning because it means you know what to expect the following week and you can prepare before the lesson. Neil is fabulous and so easy to get on with. You won’t regret learning with Neil. Thanks for helping me achieve something I didn’t think I ever could, it’s been an adventure 🚙☺️

Jordan BeechJordan Beech
First Time Pass
Definitely couldn’t have asked for a better instructor than Neil ,he made everything so calm and relaxing and was so easy to get on with ,thankyou for helping me pass first time.

Great Pass
Neil is patient, funny and makes you very relaxed whilst ensuring every lesson is conducted professionally. 1 hour lessons flied by and learnt so much from him. Highly recommened Neil to anyone wanting to drive. Using the LD system made it much easier using the workbook and videos. Thank you soo much

Lee RossLee Ross
Passed 1st Time
Neil is an amazing instructor and so relaxed loved having my lessons and always at ease would highly reccomend Neil thanks

Emma ClemsonEmma Clemson
Super Pass
Would highly recommend Neil as an instructor he is absolutely wonderful so friendly and easy to get along and have a laugh with,as someone who struggled with confidence when driving Neil was able to help me over come this by always having faith in me and telling me I can do it which i think is one of the main things you look for an instructor.thankyou so much for all your help I couldn’t of done it without you!

Nick YoungNick Young
First Time Pass after only 12 Lessons
Massive thank you to Neil for everything that he has done in helping me get through my test first time with only 2 minors! Always managed to have a laugh and never makes you feel pressured. Thanks again.

Akasha RobertsAkasha Roberts
Super Pass
Amazing instructor, very patient and understanding. Always turned up early and finished late to make sure I get full time and review how lesson went. Couldn't have found a better instructor with how nervous I was at the beginning and now passing confidently.

Tyler BeechTyler Beech
First Time Pass
100% recommend Neil!!! He makes sure you are 100% comfortable with every stage of driving before moving on and he is so so easy to get along with! I wouldn't of been confident enough as a driver to pass my test if it wasn't for Neil. Best driving teacher there is

Charlie HunterCharlie Hunter
First Time Pass
Neil is truly amazing at his job of being a driving instructor. I think its so important that you get on well with the instructor as you’ll naturally progress quicker. He is so easy going, friendly and most of all calm. Not at all during my time with Neil have i felt pressured into tackling a particular road situation that i have not felt comfortable with. His desire to see you progress with driving is what you want from an instructor and reflects what he is like as a person. I thoroughly enjoyed learning and passing with Neil and thankyou for helping me along the way.

Nicole RoseNicole Rose
First time Pass
Neil is so patient and understanding which is what you definitely need from an Instructor. Highly recommended as Neil has helped me pass my Theory and Practical first time in 4 months. To help me achieve this, Neil was able to accomodate extra lessons prior to my test and was always available to any messages if Inhad any questions. Thank you Neil for everything you have done for me.

Vanessa GodwinVanessa Godwin
First Time Pass
Neil is an absolutely fantastic instructor. He took time out of his day to make sure that we recapped on everything after each lesson and always arrived early. 2 hour lessons were more like 2.5 hours. Very patient, friendly and I would highly recommend him. Couldn't have asked for a better instructor! Helped me to pass my theory and practical in less than 4 months!

Mo JellibiMo Jellibi
Having relocated from the Isle of Wight, where both the roads and instructors are very different I was nervous about driving on the mainland with faster traffic and busier road. With Neil he was calm and patient and understood my needs immediately which put me at ease which helped my confidence to grow. Thanks to Neil I passed first time on the mainland. I would have no hesitation in recommending Neil.